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Alabama 1975 (Bear Bryant)
Air Force Flex Bone 1997
Air Force Flex Bone 1998
Brownwood H.S. Option
Bowling Green 2002 (Urban Meyer)
BYU 1995 (Chow)
Carson Newman 1994
Chicago Bears Passing 1997 (Cavanaugh)
Concordia River Forest Shotgun 2003
Florida Passing Game 2000 (Spurier)
Fly Offense
Gamblers 1984 (Mouse Davis)
Gamblers 1985 (Gilbride)
Gamblers QB Manual 1985
Georgetown Run n Shoot (Red Faught)
Hofstra Run n Shoot 1995
Kentucky 2001
Kentucky Mesh Play
Marshall 2002
Maryland 2000
Minnesota Vikings 1994
Nebraska Option 1993-94
New England Patirots 2003
Northwestern 2000
NY NJ Knights 1992
Oklahoma ?
Oklahoma 1999 (Leach)
Oregon 2002
Perdue 1998
Philadelphia Eagles Mini Camp 2002
Rice Spread Option 1996
Rutgers Passsing Game 1998 (Terry Shea)
Scottish Claymores 2004
SMU Run n Shoot 1994
South Florida 2002 (Leavitt)
Southern Durham H.S. 1990's (Monte Davis)
St. Louis Rams Mini Camp Notes
St. Louis Rams 1999 (#1,#2,#3)
Valdosta Spread 2000
Texas 1999
Texas Tech
UCLA 2002
UCLA Passing Game 1992
Washington Redskins Pass Game 1969 (Lombardi)
Washington State 2002
West Coast Passing Attack 1987 (Joe Pendry)
Westcoast Playbooks (#1,#2,#3)
Zone Offense Playbook

Offensive Extra's:
Double Wing:
40 articles, playbooks, drills, etc
Single Wing:
11 articles, playbooks, drills, etc
Split Back Veer:
7 articles, playbooks, drills, etc
25 articles, playbooks, drills, etc
T Formation:
9 articles, playbooks, drills, etc
West Coast:
36 articles, playbooks, drills, etc

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